Want A Diaper Bag Backpack That’s More Than The Usual? Try The Monaco Diaper Bag Backpack

When you’re a mom, sometimes you just want things that are stylish but still functional for use outside. This goes especially true for those mothers that find themselves on the move for most of the day. There are a lot of features that help with practicality, helping you to take care of your baby during any outing.

We’ll be going through some features that you should look out for when you’re looking for a diaper bag of your own. Not only that, but we’ll be also showing you why the Luli Bebé Monaco Diaper Bag Backpack is one of the best choices for your needs.

What Features Do You Need In A Diaper Bag?

Bags come in a lot of shapes and sizes, often also coming with different features that make them stand out from the crowd. The Diaper Bag market is filled with a lot of layouts, some preferring smaller tote bags while others like large ones with multiple pockets. Other diaper bags try to strike a balance between these 2 designs, usually in the form of smaller sling bags and backpacks.

If you’re looking for a good diaper bag backpack, make sure it has a proper adjustable strap. This allows you to wear your bag in an over-the-shoulder manner or in a cross-body manner. Most important is the ability to adjust the sling depending on your proportions, especially if you’re planning on sharing this bag with other people like your partner.

Diaper Bag Backpack

Stroller Clips are also a great addition to the bag if you’re bringing one along. A stroller with a large basket will also do well as you can just throw your bag in there. Size is also an important factor when you’re considering a bag’s storage capacity and how easy it is to carry around. Although a large bag can fit a lot more stuff, it may also be a bit clunkier to handle.

Speaking of storage, make sure that the bag you’re choosing has enough space for things like extra changing pads and extra diapers. Larger bags will be your best friend if you’re going to have an outing that lasts for more than a few hours. Of course, if your trip is just going to be 1 to 2 hours, then you can manage with a smaller bag.

Last of all, make sure that the closure of your bag is strong enough to keep everything secure and in place. Durable zippers tend to be the best choice with magnetic clasps being a close second. For us, we highly recommend staying away from Velcro closures because they can get stuck and are quite noisy.

The Monaco Diaper Bag Backpack: A Perfect Partner For Any Mother

Looking for a bag that’s got all these features packed in a luxury package? Luli Bebé has the perfect bag just for you! The Monaco Diaper Bag Backpack is our flagship product that’s well-known for having a perfect balance of design and practicality. It’s made from prime vegan leather material and has its interior lined with Satin Fabric that’s made to be easily wipeable. Other features make this bag a great choice for mothers that spend a lot of time on outings with their babies.

This diaper bag comes with 9 interior spaces that range from elastic pockets, pouches, and the central compartment. You’ll be able to fit most of your baby essentials and personal items within a large amount of storage space available to you. It’s all secured by luxe YKK zippers and magnetic clasps that properly secure all your items and prevent them from falling off.

monaco diaper bag backpack

If you’re interested in grabbing your own backpack diaper bag from Luli Bebé, then check out our official website and browse through our extensive collection. Our brand focuses on giving mothers a chance to blend both fashion and style with products that help them through the journey of motherhood. Integrating elements from many luxury fashion bags, we’ve made a whole set of bags that don’t compromise on the style factor.

Can’t decide on which bag you should get? We even have an online quiz that can help you narrow down your choices. Whichever bag you go for, know that it’s all been made to the same standards that we started out with all those years ago. Join our community of mothers that want to look their best while being the best mothers they can be!

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