Going Out? A Leather Diaper Bag Backpack Might Be Your Best Choice

Having to go out while taking care of your newborn baby? Then you’ve probably noticed how much of a hassle it is to carry baby essentials wherever you go. It’s for that reason mothers everywhere make use of diaper bags to bring around everything they need for their bundle of joy. However, it’s easy to notice that the designs you usually see aren’t the best out there.

The diaper bags that you see in stores and those big online markets make use of simple designs that anyone can make. Although they’re functional enough, there’s no room for design or any sort of luxurious feel to it.

The Monaco Diaper Bag: A New Take On An Essential Bag

Luxury bags have such a different feel to them compared to any regular bag you can pick up. They’ve got the looks, the materials, and the design work to catch eyes while you’re outside. When we made our first lineup of diaper bag backpacks, we wanted to capture that same feeling for mothers to enjoy. Our efforts were successful with the Monaco Diaper Bag and the Monaco Petite Diaper Bag.

Our bags are made of a vegan leather material that’s eco-friendly but still maintains its luxury looks. The interior is composed of Satin Fabric that’s made to be easily wipeable in case of any messes while you’re out and about. With each bag, we’ve secured them with luxe YKK Zippers and matte-gold magnetic clasps to make sure that nothing will be jostled out when you’re in a rush. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to make a backpack diaper bag that’s both stylish and functional.

backpack diaper bag

For storage, we’ve made sure that both bags have ample spaces for you to store whatever you need to. The Monaco Diaper Bag has a total of nine pockets, pouches, and compartments for all your baby essentials and personal items. There are also side pockets made to hold baby bottles and sippy cups for when they need their drinks. Whether you’re using it to store blankets, extra clothes, wipes, diapers, or even full-on changing pads, you’ll be able to find space for it!

The Monaco Petite Diaper Bag: A Smaller Sized Luxury Diaper Bag

Of course, there’s no needing all that storage space if you’re not going to be out there for a long time. Some mothers prefer to bring smaller bags when they go out for only a few moments with their babies. That’s why we’ve also made a Petite version of our classic leather diaper bag backpack for those who want a smaller and lighter bag to carry around.

As with its larger sibling, the Petite Diaper Bag is made of the same vegan leather and stain fabric materials. It’s also got the same YKK Zippers and Magnetic Clasps for securing your items within the bag. What’s different is that it’s 3 inches smaller and sleeker than the regular bag – standing at around 11” wide and high as well as 6” deep.

leather diaper bag backpack

In terms of capacity, it’s got five interior pockets instead which include zippered pouches, elastic pockets, and the large center compartment. Meant for those trips where you expect to go home in a bit, you can pack the absolute essentials there for both you and your child.

Two different bags for two different scenarios – all meant to help mothers feel comfortable with what they got!

Need More? Check Out Luli Bebé and Our Collection

If you like these two bags, then maybe you’ll also be interested in our other bag collections. Luli Bebé is a mom-owned business that wants to give mothers everywhere to look the best that they can. Celebrities and Influencers alike have seen and used our bags, always ending in high praise for both their comfort and looks. Our focus on sustainable materials and eco-friendly practices are also key in leaving behind a world where our kids can grow healthy and happy.

We’ll be introducing you to Luli Bebé and our premium vegan leather diaper bag lineup. Keep reading and see how our wonderful diaper bags can help you be the best mommy you can be!

Visit our website today and see how our bags can help you feel and look like the best mother around. You can also check out our Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube accounts to know more about our community of fashionable mothers!

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