Why Is Diaper Bag So Essential? – A Guide To Getting The Most Out Of Your Bag!

When you’re taking care of a newborn, you’re going to find out eventually that you’ll need a lot of stuff to do it. However, there are just times when you need to go outside but can’t leave your baby behind. You’ll have to bring along as many baby essentials as you can but how can you do that without it being too much of a hassle? That’s where diaper bags start to shine as they tend to be the best way to bring along whatever you need to take care of your baby on the road.

Of course, it’s understandable if you’re thinking something like, “Why don’t I just bring another bag?”. We’ll be going through some of the reasons you might want to go for a diaper bag instead of one that’s not really made for carrying essentials.

Why Do I Need A Diaper Bag?

Diaper bags tend to be made as more of a utility option instead of a fashion one. These sorts of bags oftentimes have organized pockets that are laid out in a way that makes them easily accessible. That way, you can reach for whatever item you need and put them back as simply as possible. There’s no single option for the best diaper bag out there, but you can get pretty close with those that offer unique features.

Another reason why Diaper Bags are better when compared to tote bags or other handbags is how they can accommodate longer trips outside. Whether you’re just going out for a short errand, a few hours, or even a few days, you should be able to find the best diaper bag for you. If you’re just going for a single bag, you can set it up so that you have different variations of items depending on how long you’re going outside.

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What Should I Pack In My Diaper Bag

You’re going to need different items and essentials that all depend on how long you’re planning to be out there. If it’s just a short while, then just a few essentials like milk/water bottles and a few wipes and diapers should be enough. For those going to the mall or to someone else’s house, then 3-4 diapers is a good call. Other items like wipes, changing mats, milk/water bottles, and one set of baby clothes is enough.

Those trips where you’re out for a few days are the ones where you’ll need to really plan out what you bring along. If you’re using formula milk, then pre-fill bottles with the appropriate amount and have a water bottle to fill them when the time comes. If you’re using regular milk, then tetra packs should be good. You’ll also need a decent number of extra diapers, extra clothes, sanitary wipes, baby food, and even cutlery like bowls and spoons.

Some mothers also bring along toys and other items that their baby can play with during the travel to and from your destination. Of course, it all depends on what you prioritize and how you want to prepare for it. If your baby has special requirements, then prioritize those before placing your personal items.

Need A Good Diaper Bag? Luli Bebé Has The Right One For You

Now that you’ve gotten down what you’re planning to bring along with you on your trip, the next thing to do is choose a diaper bag of your own. There are many choices out there but only a few strike a balance between style and function. Usually, they lean more towards function and have designs that don’t lend well to being paired with fashionable outfits. Luckily, Luli Bebé has created some breathtaking designs that seek to fix that problem right up.

Luli Bebé is a leading design brand for mothers who want to go out into the world looking their best at all times. Our bags are all made with both design and function in mind, creating products that help mothers take care of their kids wherever they go. Our founder, Arpi Kachatryan, spearheads our passion project to create a brand that’s supported by mothers all around the world.

Monaco Diaper Bag

Our Monaco Diaper Bag embraces many luxurious elements you may find with other luxury bag makers. Its exterior is made from vegan leather material while the interior is made with an easily wipeable satin fabric lining. You should be able to fit anything you need within the nine pockets available to you. Ranging from small compartments, side pockets for bottles, and the large central compartment for everything else, you should be able to take everything out when you’re traveling with your baby.

Check out our website and see the many products we have on display. Join our community of mothers who know that motherhood doesn’t mean sacrificing style.

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