The Best Diaper Bag Backpack For An Active Mom’s Lifestyle

Diaper Bags are the best way to store your baby’s essentials in just one nifty bag whenever you’re out on a trip. It’s an absolute must for carrying around wipes, extra diapers, clothes, and other necessities for your growing bundle of joy. Here at Luli Bebé, we’ve strived to create the most beautiful diaper bags around as we believe that mothers can enjoy beauty alongside functionality.

If you’re looking to buy one of our luxurious diaper bag backpacks, then keep reading as we’ll go through some of the features that make our bags one-of-a-kind. We’ll also be going through some ideas on what items to always keep inside your diaper bag.

Keeping Baby Necessities In Your Diaper Bag

Taking care of your baby while outside the house requires you to bring around a lot of things in your Diaper Bag. Think of it as a mobile version of your home as you bring around as many essentials as you can. Already, we suggest that moms go for bags that have lots of pouches and compartments for everything that they’re bringing. Bonus points if these pockets and pouches can be easily accessible so that you can quickly get whatever it is you need.

Here's a comprehensive list of the things you should keep inside your Diaper Bag at all times:

• Extra Diapers – For every hour you plan to be outside, bring 1 to 2 extra diapers
• Diaper Wipes – Clean your baby’s behind when changing diapers. Also useful for wiping their hands and face.
• Extra Baby Clothes – In case of any accidents while you’re outside the house.
• Hand Sanitizers and Ointments – Should be kept in easily reachable side pockets for quick access.
• Water and Milk Bottles – Find a bag with a side pouch for bottles to be stored in whether it be your own water bottle or your baby’s milk bottle.
• Sunscreen – After consulting with your pediatrician if it’s safe to use, bring some to protect your baby’s skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

When you’re outside, make sure to keep an eye on your baby and give them whatever they need. Sunburn and Dehydration are quite common so a nice hat can help to cover them up. Keep them in the shade as much as you can while also limiting the time they’re exposed to sunlight. All that should make sure your day out with your baby is as fun and safe as it can be.

Luli Bebé Designer Diaper Bag Backpacks

Creating a designer diaper bag was not an easy endeavor. It takes a lot of trial and error to create a design that marries the function of a regular diaper bag with the style and aesthetic of designer fashion bags. With our brand’s vision, the Monaco Diaper Bag and Petit Monaco Diaper Bag were created to meet both ends.

monaco diaper bag and baby

A love letter to moms who want the best for their baby, we made our Diaper Bag Backpack with choice materials that accentuate their looks for the day. Magnetic flaps protect each compartment, ensuring all your items are securely stored within. The center pouch is secured by YKK Zippers which have a durability that’s befitting of luxury brands.

With nine total pockets and a large central storage area, there’s not going to be a shortage of space for all your baby’s necessities. There are also additional compartments for smaller items as well aside pockets for bottles meant for you and your baby – up to 32oz. containers. Of course, your items can be easily fit which cuts down on how many you’ll have to carry in different bags.

Maintaining the Diaper Bag Backpack and cleaning it up after the inevitable mess is made to be as simple as possible. The exterior of the bag is 100% stain-resistant while the interior Satin Fabric can be easily wiped down with a wipe or two.

diaper bag backpack

Moms can tote the bag around with the adjustable backpack straps which can be worn in a variety of over-the-shoulder wear options. There’s also a clip-on strap which allows for some cross-body options for wearing the bag. If you like, you can also handle it through the dual-purpose top carry handle which can also be used to hang the bag after a long day outside.

At only 2.8 pounds, you won’t be too burdened by the bag’s weight. Its 14-inch-wide and the 14-inch-high silhouette is an eye-catcher and comes in a wide range of colors: Caramel Brown, Ebony Black, Latte, Pearl White, Stone Grey, and Pastel Pink. If you’re in the market for a smaller-sized bag, then the Monaco Petit Diaper Bag might be the better choice for you as it’s made with the same love and care as the regular-sized one.

All of these are available on Luli Bebé, the premier destination for all your designer mom bag needs. Join our community of mothers that believe in our mantra that they don’t need to sacrifice fashion for utility.

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