The Vegan Leather Diaper Bag: A Great Choice For Eco-Friendly Mothers

There’s a lot of talk going around the world of fashion when it comes to making environmentally sustainable products. The industry by itself produces a surprising amount of carbon emissions and even has a hand in water pollution. There’s also the problem of unused fabrics and old items ending up in landfills all around the world.

Luli Bebé has always been a brand for mothers, a vision that’s even influenced how we made our products. This caused us to look into creating all our diaper bags from cruelty-free materials. We use vegan or faux leather fabrics to make the exterior of our bags. In our small way, we’ve done this to ensure we leave behind a world that’ll be fit for our children to live in.

If you’re wondering what’s the difference between regular leather and vegan leather, we’ll be going through a quick comparison of the two fabrics. Keep reading and check out whether our vegan leather diaper bag is the right fit for your lifestyle!

Leather Vs. Vegan Leather – What’s The Difference?

First of all, vegan leather is commonly known as a lower-costing alternate option to actual leather fabrics. This is because genuine leather is made from animal hides like ones gathered from cattle. Faux and Vegan are made from various other materials known to be “cruelty-free”. Some of these materials include Polyurethane (PU) and other plastic bases.

In terms of durability, genuine leather takes the top spot as it is known to last for about a decade or two. Although, this doesn’t mean that vegan leathers don’t last for long times as well. Not only is it an animal-friendly option, but it is also easily cleaned even with harsher materials that would damage genuine leather. This can be a great feature for when your diaper bag is hit with a tough-to-remove stain.

Best Diaper Bag

Sustainability is the big deal when it comes to all sorts of faux and vegan leathers. When it comes to fielding animals for leather farming, it takes a large toll on the environment. Livestock farms account for nearly 15 percent of artificial greenhouse gas emissions with the tanning process of leathers also having its own negative effects. Fashion brands have started to take notice and are now working to incorporate vegan leathers into their lineups.

Now that we’ve gotten through the key differences between the two fabrics, why not go through some of the best diaper bag choices we have. We’ll be showing off the Monaco Diaper Bag and Monaco Petite Diaper Bag.

Luli Bebé: The Monaco Diaper Bag and Petite Diaper Bag

The Monaco Diaper Bag is the larger of the two products, made for those times when you want reliable storage but also want a luxurious feel to it. It’s made with vegan leather for the exterior and uses easily-wipeable Satin Fabric for the interior. This is to ensure that any messes that might happen while you’re outside can be cleaned up quickly and simply.

Luxe YKK Zippers and Matte-gold magnetic clasps are used to secure the openings of the bag. Moms can make use of all nine pockets and pouches to keep a wide range of baby essentials. There’s even enough room to put some personal items like phones, wallets, and even other gadgets.

The Monaco Petite Diaper Bag is much of the same story as it’s made for the times when you need to be out and about with your baby. However, it’s got a smaller silhouette that’s lighter and easier to carry. It’s made from the same materials as its larger counterpart and comes with the same YKK zippers and magnetic clasps for security.

Monaco Petite Diaper Bag

One difference is it has 5 interior pockets instead, making this bag more ideal for shorter outings. Zippered Pouches and Expandable Pockets surround the central storage space and give mothers options as to where they keep essentials. Whether you need to stash baby wipes, extra clothes, baby bottles, or even blankets and pads, you’ll always have space to spare!

Both bags can be worn in a variety of ways but most choose to wear them as a backpack thanks to the adjustable straps. You could also carry it in a cross-body manner or in an over-the shoulder one with its adjustable shoulder straps. If you just want to carry it with your free arm, then the 4-inch Top Carry Handle is the way to go.

If you want more bags made for the mother on the move, then Luli Bebe has exactly what you need. We even have full-on Travel Bags as well as Snack Bags. Each one is made with the same goal as that of our original lineup: To help mothers on their journey through motherhood.

Check out our official website to see what other bags we have in stock, as well as the different color options you can get them in.

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