The Monaco Diaper Bag: An Incredible Mommy Bag For Hospital Visits

Whether you’re a mother or not, we all know the hassle of being blindsided by a hospital visit that lasts way longer than expected. Being away from home can take a toll on the unprepared, especially for those of us with babies to take care of. Because of that, some mommies get a hospital bag ready.

Preparing your hospital bag means getting one that’s got the space for every item you plan on bringing. This focus on storage space doesn’t exactly mean that you have to sacrifice your looks along the way. Here at Luli Bebé, we’ve made bags that can match your style while being highly functional and reliable bags.

We’ll introduce to you some of our bags that we feel are best suited for hospital visits. Along the way, we’ll also be making suggestions on what you can bring when your time for delivery finally comes.

Monaco Diaper Bag: A Backpack’s The Way To Go!

If you expect your hospital visits to be on the shorter end of things, then we suggest going for a backpack instead of a full-fledged travel bag. This way, you can store things like your IDs, Birth Plans, Extra Clothes, and other important paperwork, without having to lug around a huge piece of luggage. The Monaco Diaper Bag and its tinier counterpart, the Petit Diaper Bag, might just be for you in that case.

Petit Diaper Bag

These two products are the fruits of our vision to create the quintessential diaper bag backpack. With an exterior crafted from vegan leather and an easily cleaned satin fabric interior, mothers everywhere will love the deluxe feel that this bag provides. It’s secured by eye-catching matte-gold magnetic clasps and a set of YKK Zippers that are durable for any outing. It also comes with a large selection of pouches and pockets for you to keep your essential items within.

The side pockets can also be a great place to store your water bottles and baby bottles. If it doesn’t fit in the main compartment, you could also place cosmetics and moisturizers because some mothers feel that their skin becomes drier than usual. You could also place spray bottles to help cool you down while you’re going into labor.

Whatever the case may be, the Monaco Diaper Bag and Monaco Petit Diaper Bag can be a great mommy bag for hospital visits. Although, we do have options too for those mothers who want to bring bigger bags.

The Monaco Travel Bag: For Those Longer Visits

If it makes you feel better to have everything you need right inside a nearby bag, then maybe a travel bag is the one for you. The Monaco Travel Bag is our take on the usual mommy travel bags available everywhere. This bag is made from the same vegan leather material as the diaper bags while also keeping the easy-clean satin fabric interior material. It comes in 5 distinct colors and takes cues from many of the designer bags that rock the fashion world today.

Monaco Travel Bag

It's our most spacious option, having a total of 8 interior spaces. The large interior space is perfect for all things such as bathrobes, nightgowns, and everything else you need. There’s also a whole host of mid-sized compartments secured by YKK zippers and a few expandable pockets for smaller items. Toiletries can be kept inside the two top flap netted compartments for easier access.

Mommies can carry this bag in a cross-body manner or even in an over-the-shoulder way through the alterable shoulder strap. You could also just carry it using the dual-purpose top carry handle if you prefer. Only weighing in a 3.2 pounds empty, it’s a surprisingly lightweight choice that’s made to not be as little of a burden as possible.

Get A Reliable Luli Bebé Bag for Hospital Visits

Looking back, we can see that it does take a lot to plan for any sort of Hospital Visit. Things such as Birth Plans take a lot of planning and just getting everything ready seems like a lot of work. However, it all pays off when you’re at the hospital and you have everything ready nearby. That feeling is irreplaceable, especially to those first-time mothers who may be anxious about what happens next.

As you take your next steps into motherhood, we hope that our mommy bags continue to help you take care of your little bundle of joy. Each of our products in the Luli Bebé lineup is made to serve mothers while also giving them the stylistic freedom they deserve.

We hope to have you in our community of passionate mothers who all believe that any mom can be as fashionable as they want. Visit our website for more information on the different products we offer, alongside all the reviews that mothers across the world have given us!

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