The Monaco Petit Diaper Bag Might Just Be The Best Diaper Bag For Mothers Everywhere

More mothers are looking for more designer brands that cater to their need for mommy bags that don’t just prioritize function over form. The best mommy bags don’t just go for more capacity and more pockets, but they should also look fashionable when worn. A lot of the typical designs out there is all old news though there are brands that try to break convention with new styles.

Luli Bebé is one of those brands that have struck gold with their stylish diaper bags, especially with the Monaco Petit Diaper Bag. This bag is great for those moms that want to stay on the move without being burdened by a bag that’s too big for what they need.

We’ll go through why Diaper Bags are such an essential part of any mother’s outdoor kit. After that, we’ll talk about why the Monaco Petit Diaper Bag might just be the perfect choice for what active mothers need.

What Sorts Of Diaper Bags Are Out There?

Diaper Bags come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. There are even a few types that are usually available in shops. Some of the basic styles include:

• Backpacks – Great for hands-free carrying. Can be worn in tandem with a baby carrier and tend to be the most adaptable style.
• Messenger Bag – Using a single strap, the bag is worn over the shoulder or in a cross-body manner.
• Diaper Clutch – Similar to fanny packs and belt bags, this uses a small strap that goes over the waist. Only a few small items can be placed within this bag so keep that in mind.
• Tote Bags – Even your regular tote bag can work in a pinch. The two straps are usually carried by hand or worn over the shoulder.

As we can see, the choice of best diaper bag depends on your lifestyle. Backpacks tend to be for parents who need their hands for pushing strollers or carrying other items. Side pockets might be important for parents who need to bottle feed their babies while outside the house. Additional space is always a plus for those families with more than one child to take care of.

Best Diaper Bag

The Monaco Petit Diaper Bag: An Urban Mom’s Best Friend

Luli Bebé has created designs that marry the utilitarian side of mommy bags with the world of designer fashion. The Monaco Petit Diaper Bag is the result of those efforts, made with the needs of urban mothers in mind. The vegan leather exterior is made to be 100% stain-free while the interior is based on Satin Fabric which is easily cleaned by a simple wet wipe. Mothers won’t need to worry much when it comes to maintaining the cleanliness of their diaper bags with our products!

For storage capacity, the Petit Diaper Bag hosts a total of 5 interior pockets for storing a variety of items. The pouches and pockets are all secured with luxury YKK zippers and matte gold magnetic clasps that are made to be durable. The wide openings are meant for easy access to the items you’ve stowed within the diaper bag.

Whether it’s extra diapers, extra clothes, a few baby bottles, or personal items, the Monaco Petit Diaper Bag should have enough space for everything you’ll need. This backpack comes with a dual-purpose top carry handle that’s perfect for carrying by hand or for storage via hooks. There’s also a removable clip-on strap that’s perfect for over the shoulder carry or cross-body wear.

Monaco Petit Diaper Bag

Only weighing in at 2.2 pounds, this bag is lightweight enough to be worn the whole time you’re outside with your family. No need to worry about bulkiness as the Petit Diaper Bag is only 11-inches in width and height. This compact package gives it a lot more utility as an everyday bag for all sorts of uses.

If you’re a mother that needs a bag that’s light but spacious enough for whatever baby essentials you need, then the Monaco Petit Diaper Bag is going to be your best friend! You can find this bag alongside its larger sibling on Luli Bebé’s official website. Browse our catalog of stylish diaper bags and join our growing community of mothers who believe that motherhood doesn’t mean sacrificing form over function.

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