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People tend to not expect a mommy bag for hospital visits to be nothing more than a functional bag. This goes the same for any sort of mommy bag because we’re just so used to those simple designs, if they come with any design at all. All that means that there’s an untapped world of designer mommy bags out there.

Here’s some of the reasons why the Luli Bebé collection of bags are all a great addition to any mother’s wardrobe. With so many features that help to accentuate the stylish nature of the bags, we’re sure that you can fit it into whatever outfit you decide to wear for that day.

Hospital Visits? Our Designer Mommy Bag Has Your Back!

Hospital visits can be sudden and can take up a huge portion of your time. Mothers need to be prepared for whenever the need for an extended visit to the doctor arises. That’s why we suggest the Monaco Travel Bag for all of your needs when it comes to staying outside for extended periods.

This bag comes in a variety of colors: Pearl White, Ebony Black, Stone Grey, Latte Brown, Pastel Pink, and even Caramel Brown. Its 100% stain-resistant exterior is composed of vegan leather material, making it a sublime choice for people who wish to stay eco-friendly. The inner material is made up of Satin Fabrics which are made to be easily cleaned through the use of sanitary wipes. All of this is to make sure the moms won’t have to worry about spending too much time cleaning any potential messes.

Of course, a bag wouldn’t be a good one if it didn’t have the right amount of storage compartments and pockets. The Monaco Travel Bag has 10 storage compartments along with a few smaller pockets for easy carrying of baby essentials such as bottles, extra diapers, clothes, and other personal articles. The central compartment is secured by a magnetic front flap and luxe YKK zippers that are all styled in matte gold for a uniform look.

Monaco Travel Bag

Overall, there’s about 4 expandable elastic pockets for smaller items, 2 top-flap netted compartments, a mid-sized compartment secured by a zipper, and the large central space protected by the front flap. Whether its toiletries, accessories, or just your personal items, you can be sure that the Monaco Travel Bag has got your back in these times.

If the travel bag is a bit too big for your tastes, don’t fret because Luli Bebé has other bag selections available for you. The Original Monaco Diaper Bag and Petit Diaper Bag are all other options that are great for Hospital Visits along with other outings you might go to with your precious bundle of joy.

Luli Bebé: A Premier Name in Designer Mommy Bags

Our company is breaking new ground by delivering the styles and design elements from many of your favorite designer brands to the world of functional mommy bags. Even our smaller snack bags or the Monaco Petit Diaper Bag is made with the same loving care as that of the Monaco Travel Bag and the original Diaper Bag. With each new design, we strive to get closer to our goal that involves bringing the world of fashion to every mother out there.

Mommy Bags

Our customers reviews speak for themselves as they give high praises to the compartment size, beautiful aesthetic, and wide variety of choice we give to all customers of the Monaco Travel Bag. We’ve also been featured in numerous other blogs and even on Good Morning America! All this publicity isn’t for nothing as we’re always trying to get on top of our game to make bags, we can ship out whether domestically or internationally.

The Luli Bebé company is expanding and we want you for the ride! Make sure to check out our website to see the rest of our esteemed roster of designer mommy bags. We’ve also got numerous social media accounts dedicated to featuring the moms all over the world who have trusted us with their day-to-day motherly needs. We hope to serve you and all the mothers we can reach in their exciting journey through motherhood.

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