Get Our Vegan Leather Bags And Keep Fashionable While You’re Out With Your Baby!

Ever wonder why it’s so hard to find a mommy bag that’s at the very least fit for whatever outfit they’ve got planned for their day with the baby. With so many bags having only those simple designs we’re all so used to seeing, it’s nice to have a bag that can stand out amongst the crowd. Luli Bebé has created a set of bags that give mothers a choice in the matter. Style and Function is our greatest asset and each one of our bags marry these 2 concepts together into one cohesive package.

Here's some of the bags that are part of our collection, all made with the same loving care that our founder, Arpi Kachatryan, had when starting the brand. We hope this little rundown of our product helps you to become a member of growing motherly community.

The Monaco Diaper Bag and Petit Diaper Bag

A staple for any mother is a proper diaper bag that can carry all their baby’s essentials in one complete package. Diaper Bags can be thought of as your home away from home, something that can help you take care of every single need of your bundle of joy. We’ve worked extensively on the design of the Monaco Diaper Bag and it’s smaller sibling, the Petit Diaper Bag. Here’s some of the features that you can look forward to with these 2 products.

Petit Diaper Bag

Our Leather Diaper Bag is made up of vegan leather materials as we’ve transitioning towards an eco-friendlier direction. Each bag has a collection of pouches and pockets which are secured by either matte-gold magnetic clasps or sets of luxe YKK zippers. This provides the bag with a bit more durability than you’d expect from your regular mommy bag.

There’s also a whole host of options for moms to wear the bag such as over-the-shoulder or just across the body. This is done through shoulder straps, top-carry handles, and the two backpack straps that come with these 2 diaper bags. There are even some great options for color schemes such as Latte Brown, Ebony Black, Stone Grey, and many other choices.

The Monaco Travel Bag and Snack Bag

If you need a bag that fits your travelling lifestyle, then the Monaco Travel Bag might just be the product for you. This bag is our largest offering that comes with 8 interior spaces complete with compartments, pockets, and pouches. The interior is made of a high-quality Satin Fabric while the exterior is made of the same vegan leather material as that of the Diaper Bag. Once more, all pockets are safely secured by matte-gold magnets and YKK zippers for a little more confidence in every step outside.

Monaco Travel Bag
The shoulder strap is alterable according to what you need, having a measurement of 29” to 50: in length. It also comes with a 4” Top Carry handle if you prefer to carry it instead of wearing it in a cross-body manner. The wide opening of the bag is just enough to easily access your numerous items from the bag itself, a suitable tool for mothers anywhere.

How about a bag that goes in the opposite direction? The Monaco Snack Bag might be a good choice with its smaller 7.8-inch width and 9.6-inch height. Having a smaller silhouette makes it great for when you can only bring a small bag with you when you’re outside the house. You can fit in some juice boxes, baby food jars, some snack containers, baby bottles, and even flasks for your own personal use.

Our Designer Diaper Bags Are Here For You!

It’s always been our goal with out designer diaper bag is to help every mother with their journey through motherhood. It’s always a common thought that function and style don’t really mix, but we’re here to challenge that notion. If you want more vegan leather bags that follow through with this promise, there’s no better place to look than at Luli Bebé.

Check out our official website to see the different collections we have in store for you. Along with that, you can see the specs of each of the bags and how other mothers have rated them through online reviews.

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