Looking For A Chic Backpack Diaper Bag For You? Here’s The Best Choice On The Market Today!

There’s always a demand for new and stylish bags that settle on the right balance of utility and fashion sense. However, we’ve noticed that there’s a lack of fashionable accessories that are meant for mothers who live an active lifestyle. Why shouldn’t a mother have accessories tailored for her needs while staying fashionable?

Luli Bebé has always tried to design the best bags that mothers could get their hands on. Stemming from a passion that was born out of love, we’ve found ourselves at the forefront of creative design when it came to accessories such as our fabulous line of diaper bags. If you’re one of those mommies who want the perfect bag for their wardrobe, now’s the time to get in and look over our growing collection!

We’ll be showing you how a chic backpack diaper bag can be a great addition to your outfit. Along with that, we’ll introduce you to our long-standing lineup of designer diaper bags.

The Features To Look Out For In A Nice Diaper Bag

When you’re looking for the best diaper bag, you’ll have to take note of a couple of different aspects. The ones we’ll list down are meant to help you handle all of the baby essentials you’ll be bringing along. Although any bag can serve as a diaper bag, only the best of these have built-in features that are made with you in mind.

best diaper bag

First, you’ll have to look over how durable the bag is when faced with the elements. Not only that, but the bag also must be able to stand up against heavier loads and damage from transit. Another good characteristic of the right diaper bag is the presence of pockets and compartments that are meant for extra diapers, clothes, wipes, bottles, and whatever else you’ll need.

The way that you prefer to wear your bag is also something that you’ll need to take into consideration. Some people like to sling their bags over their shoulders like a tote bag or a shoulder bag. Others like the versatility and hands-off nature of backpacks. There are also those who find the utility of a messenger or travel bag to be necessary for the types of trips they go on. Whatever your needs are, make sure that they’re at the forefront of your mind when you’re picking out the right bag for you.

Luli Bebé and Our Expanding Collection

Now that we’ve cleared up some of our thought processes behind selecting the right bags, we can go right ahead to introducing some of our products. We’ve taken pride in how our Los Angeles-based design team has merged the needs of our customers with our distinctive styles. With that, let’s start off with our classic chic backpack diaper bag collections.

Both bags are backpack-style carriers that come with a lot of carrying capacity. There’s also the option to hand carry these as they come with a top-carry handle. You could also just sling the bag over your shoulder or even hang it on your baby’s stroller. A whole host of interior pockets are available on both models with the Petit version only having a smaller silhouette compared to its larger sibling.

chic backpack diaper bag

If you’re someone who needs a lot more space than what the 2 backpacks provide, you may want to look into getting yourself the Monaco Travel Bag. This is one of our largest products available and comes in a variety of fabulous colors. It also sports the largest number of pockets and compartments, being able to fit both baby essentials and personal items within the spacious interior. It’s secured by luxe YKK zippers and comes with a magnetic flap which ensures your items are safe from falling out.

There’s even a new product coming out quite soon: The Monaco Tote Bag collection. It’s a flexible option that comes with a shoulder strap that’s easily adjustable. Not only that, it’s an ideal companion for those mothers who want to bring a stress-free option along for the trip.

If you’re looking for latest diaper bag collections to use, then make sure to look at the collection of Luli Bebé on their official website. We’re looking to expand our reach to mothers all around the globe so each new client gets us closer to providing all moms with the self-confidence they deserve.

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