Chic and Handy: The Diaper Bags That Meet Any Mother’s Needs!

When you’re getting ready for a day out with your family, you need to bring whatever items you need. Whether it’s only a few items or a lot of essentials, you’ll need a good amount of space to store them all. Any bag will do in that regard, but you’ll want a bag that’s also comfortable and versatile. Most importantly, you’ll need something that makes sure all your stuff is kept secured and in place.

Designer Diaper Bags straddle the line between the utility of bags and the stylish designs that fashion brands bring. Each of these bags is made with the input of different mothers, making sure that they have features that any parent can appreciate.

Here at Luli Bebé, our commitment to creating the best accessories for mothers has helped us to develop a collection of mommy bags that is sure to bring a smile to your face. All of these are available on our official website, featuring the latest news about our brand. With that, here are some of the things you can expect out of our products!

The World Of Stylish Diaper Bags

Stylish Diaper Bags were popularized by celebrity moms and influencers with these bags gaining traction online as of late. Lately, brands like Burberry and Prada have been developing their lines of mommy-centric accessories. This newfound craze has made mothers everywhere want to follow in their footsteps, sporting bags that match their style while keeping the same usefulness as any other diaper bag.

designer diaper bags

Luli Bebé, our designer brand made for mothers, has been making stylish diaper bags for mothers since 2017. Since then, our team of designers has honed their skills and delivered some of the best accessories you’ll find online. We’ve dabbled in designing several bag types for mothers to use, pairing them with the same luxurious details you’d find with premier brands.

If you’re interested in our collections, you’ll want to take a look at the various products in our “Monaco Collection” lineup. We’re sure you’ll be able to find the right bag to fit your lifestyle!

Explore Our Collection Of Different Bag Styles!

Variety is the spice of life and we here at Luli Bebé want to give each mother the chance to choose their own style. That’s why our Monaco Collection spans a number of different bag styles, all of which come with the same designer look that we’re known for.

The Monaco Diaper Bag Backpack and Petit Diaper Bag

First, we’ve got our original line of Diaper Bag Backpacks that come in regular and petit sizes. The Monaco Diaper Bag and Petit Diaper Bag features an exterior that’s made from high-quality vegan leather while the interior is lined with satin fabric. Each of these makes the bag easily maintainable, only needing a wet wipe to clear out any stain or mess.

They offer mothers a sizeable amount of space to store items of any size and shape. No matter what essentials you need to bring along, our set of designer diaper bags can help you to carry whatever you need.

Snack Bags and Travel Bags

If you need a bit more space, then our Monaco Travel Bag might be the better choice for you. Featuring a larger amount of storage space, this bag is perfect for mothers that are planning to go on longer trips. 6 different colorways are available for buyers, making sure that they can get the perfect one to fit their style choices!

stylish diaper bag

It features 8 interior storage compartments with a main central compartment available for all sorts of guidance. The whole bag itself, when emptied, only weighs 3.2 pounds which makes it lightweight to carry around. It’s also got an adjustable 29- to 50-inch shoulder strap and a 4-inch top handle drop for you to use.

Need something just to hold a few snacks and smaller items? Then look no further than the Monaco Snack Bag. Our collection comes with 6 different colorways, opening a lot of styling possibilities. The bag itself is insulated by a padded layer, ensuring that any food or drink you keep is kept cool and fresh. This is a great choice for mothers who want to bring along some food for the trip but don’t need to lug around a amazing stylish diaper bag.

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