What’s The Scoop With Vegan Leather Bags? The Big Thing In Ethical Fashion

Sustainable fashion seems to be the direction that the fashion industry is headed. The industry itself creates around 10% of carbon emissions alongside the damage caused to aquatic resources. In response to this scathing finding, many brands are moving towards using techniques and materials that curb their carbon footprint. One common way of achieving sustainable fashion is through the use of eco-friendly materials such as Vegan Leathers.

You may have heard about these kinds of materials and how they’re used for bags and other accessories. We’ll be looking into why a vegan leather diaper bag should be on your Wishlist along with why it’s better for the planet. Keep reading because we’ll also be showing you why our Monaco Diaper Bags are the perfect choice for environmentally conscious mothers.

Vegan Leather – A Rising Trend Among Fashion Brands

Genuine leather bags may have the upper hand when it comes to looks, but it comes at a surprisingly steep price. Animal-based materials used in the Fashion industry depend on the growth of livestock which is a major source of pollution. Cattle and livestock farming has been recorded to contribute 14.5% of the world’s CO2 emissions and is expected to rise as demand grows higher. The need for sustainable materials like vegan leathers and plant-based textiles becomes greater as more light is shed on the subject.

leather diaper bag backpack

Vegan leathers are typically made of polymers sourced from plants commonly known as “polyurethane”. However, new methods have been able to create vegan leather from other sources such as apple peels, fruit waste, pineapple fronds, and even plastics. Fashion artists and designers who’ve pivoted towards vegan leather products remark that its versatility is one-of-a-kind. You can find boots, seat covers, jackets, and handbags all made from vegan leather nowadays.

If waterproofing and easy maintenance sound good to you, then leather diaper bag backpack products are the way to go. The material is typically supported by plastic coatings that give it waterproofing properties. Mild detergents and even just a damp wipe can be used to clean up any mild stains and marks. Higher quality vegan leathers will also be much more resistant to drying up when exposed to the sun, preventing cracks from forming due to hot temperatures.

The Luli Bebé Monaco Diaper Bag Collection

Now that you know more about this wonderfully sustainable material, you may be wondering if there are mommy bags out there made from it. Luli Bebé has indeed created a whole line of leather diaper bag backpacks focused meant for eco-friendly mothers everywhere. The Monaco Diaper Bag Collection is our best-selling product line that’s a perfect balance of both style and function.

Coming in 6 different color options, this fashionable bag is a great piece to complete your look. It’s made from cruelty-free vegan leather diaper bag materials and uses satin fabric for its interior. Both exterior and interior of the bag can be easily wiped down with alcohol wipes or even a damp cloth.

vegan leather diaper bag

Anxious about items popping out of the bag? You won’t need to worry about that as it’s secured by Luxe YKK Zippers and matte-gold magnetic clasps. Mothers can stow away baby essentials and personal items within 9 different pockets and pouches. There are also additional compartments and side pockets for smaller items like baby bottles and flasks. Its wide opening makes it easy to bring out the items you need with our diaper bag perfectly capable of storing extra clothes or even changing pads.

Our vegan leather diaper bag is also quite lightweight as it only weighs about 2.8 pounds when empty. Along with that, we’ve added a 4-inch Top Handle Drop and an adjustable backpack strap for increased versatility. Whether you want to hang it off your baby’s stroller, wear it in a cross-body manner, or just have it over your shoulder, the Monaco Diaper Backpack can accommodate you perfectly.

If you’re looking for some vegan leather bags to help you when you and your family are out and about, then come and visit the official website of Luli Bebé. We have different collections of travel bags, snack bags, and even a petite version of our classic Monaco Diaper Bag for you to enjoy. Avail of our products and see how well they can help you keep on top of your motherly lifestyle!

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