The Trend Behind Mommy Bags: The Reliable Choice For Mothers Everywhere

There are loads of choices for mothers when it comes to how they take care of their family’s needs. However, this responsibility doesn’t just get relegated to the household. Mothers need to be prepared to give their families what they need wherever they are. That includes all the outings and travels they’re going on throughout the year.

Luli Bebé, a luxury name for mothers everywhere, has done its best to create a bag that caters to every need you may have. The Monaco Diaper Bag collection is the perfect mommy bag for hospital visits, outings, and every scenario you may find yourself in. Here are some of the reasons why you should look into getting a Diaper Bag for yourself.

Why Should You Look Into Diaper Bags?

A diaper bag is a versatile choice for an active mother that’s on the move. This bag is the perfect choice for storing every baby essential you need. Whether you’re carrying loads of extra diapers, baby wipes, or extra clothing and pads, a diaper bag might just be able to help you out.

mommy bag for hospital

Of course, there are different types of diaper bag styles to choose from. The most common choice is a diaper backpack which is great for when you’re looking for bags with versatility in mind. Whether you choose to strap it on with the backpack straps or just want it to hang from the stroller, it’s a great choice overall.

The next sort of diaper bag are messenger bags which just have a single shoulder strap. This can be worn in either a crossbody manner or just over your shoulder. Usually, these come with a large central compartment which can fit both large and small items. Just don’t go looking for smaller pockets and side compartments as messenger bags typically don’t have these.

Tote bags and diaper clutches are smaller options for people who only need the bare minimum. The former comes with two long straps that go over the shoulder while the latter is a small bag that’s worn over the wrist. Mothers could also go for belt bags if they want a completely hands-free option for their diaper bags.

The Monaco Diaper Bag Collection

For us, a diaper backpack has got to be the most reliable option when it comes to both cargo capacity and ease of use. It also gives the mother the option of just hanging it on their baby’s stroller or holding onto it via a top carry handle. The Monaco Diaper Bag collection comes with all these features and makes sure that mothers only receive the best.


The exterior of the bag is made from stain-resistant vegan leather while the interior is a smooth and easily maintained satin fabric material. This backpack was made to be easily carried wherever you go as it only weighs about 2.8 pounds. It comes with adjustable backpack straps and a 4-inch top handle drop so that you can wear it in a crossbody manner or over your shoulder.

With 5 interior pockets and large central storage space for all your items, you’ll be able to bring whatever baby essentials you need. Each compartment is secured by luxe YKK Zippers and Matte Gold Magnetic Clasps, ensuring that all your items won’t fall out. Along with that, it comes with a whole selection of different color schemes for mothers to choose from. Pick the one you’re comfortable with and see how just a simple bag can elevate your status as a mother!

Luli Bebé: The New Luxury Brand In Town

If you’re a mother that’s looking for some accessories and bags geared toward her, then make sure to visit the online collections of Luli Bebé. Our Monaco Diaper Bag collection isn’t the only one available as we also have Snack Bags and Travel Bags which come with the same luxurious features as our signature line. Not only that, but we also offer a petite version of our Monaco Diaper Bag for those who need a smaller bag for their use.

Make sure to visit our online website for more details on our growing collection of mommy bags and accessories geared for mothers everywhere!

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