How to Organize a Diaper Bag Like a Pro

We understand how difficult it can be to keep your diaper bag organized and finding the right thing at the right time. For example, looking desperately for that hard-to-find pacifier as your child cries can escalate any outing into a small emergency.

Don’t worry! Our goal is to bring some orderliness into your life by turning your chaotic diaper bag into a well-organized haven for all your baby's necessities. No longer do we have to search through piles of diapers and wipes to locate the baby lotion. With our straightforward but highly effective tips, you’ll become a diaper bag pro instantly.

If you’re a new mother trying to figure out the world of diaper bags or an experienced expert wanting to improve your organization skills, we’re here for you (and your bag!). Bid farewell to accidents, chaos, and never-ending hunts, and say hello to the joy of a well-organized diaper bag.

Essential Items To Pack

Preparing your diaper bag can seem like getting ready for a small adventure. This is particularly true when you have all the necessary items to ensure your child's happiness and comfort. 

Let's take a look at some essential items needed for a well-organized diaper bag, combining necessities with optional items.

Must-have items for changing diapers:

Diapers are definitely the main focus here. Bring sufficient supplies for your trip, including wipes and diaper cream for speedy diaper changes. 

Remember to bring a changing pad for hygienic and secure diaper changes when out and about.

Supplies for feeding:

If your baby drinks from a bottle, be sure to bring along enough bottles and formula. Keep snacks and baby food for toddlers, whereas mothers who breastfeed should have a nursing cover and breast pads with them. 

Remember to pack the formula or milk in air-tight containers to avoid spills and messes.

Extra set of clothes:

Prepare for any unforeseen situation with an extra set of clothing, such as a hat, socks, onesie, and shirt, on hand. Using bibs can be extremely helpful in avoiding stains. You can ensure their comfort by layering your baby's clothes appropriately based on the weather.

Essential items for comfort:

Make sure your baby stays happy with a pacifier or comfort object, as well as a small toy or book to keep them busy during diaper changes or feeding times.

Additional items for specific times of the year:

Customize your bag according to the season and weather conditions. Keep items like sunscreen, bug spray, cold-weather gear, sunglasses, or a hat for extra comfort.

Diaper Bag Organizing Tips

Now that we know what to keep in our bag, let's take a look at how to organize it in a small bag.

Imagine this, 9 carefully arranged pockets, guaranteeing that everything remains organized. It's the Monaco Diaper Bag from Luli Bebé. It also includes a handy changing pad, converting any area into a diaper-changing spot. 

However, it's not only about practicality. This backpack diaper bag enhances your style while ensuring you stay organized while on the move!

Here are some of our favorite diaper bag organization tips and tricks to make the most of your diaper bag:

Keep it minimal:

Packing lightly not only makes it easier to carry your diaper bag but also allows you to easily find what you need. Give priority to necessary items such as diapers, wipes, and a spare outfit, and don't bring along things that are rarely used.

Make use of compartments:

The pockets and compartments are crucial for keeping things neatly arranged. So choose a bag with multiple compartments. Designate each pocket for specific items to simplify your packing routine. It will ensure that items are readily available.

Think outside the bag:

Reuse objects such as clean baby food containers to store small items like pacifiers, teething rings, or hair accessories. These containers are useful for keeping track of small items in your bag and preventing them from getting lost.

Keep empty bags:

Carrying empty plastic bags can make a big difference in managing spills and messes. Use them to separate damp or dirty garments and diapers from the rest of your bag, preserving cleanliness and hygiene.

Included changing mat:

Choose a diaper bag that comes with a built-in changing pad to make diaper changes easier while on the move. This function offers a tidy and cozy area for your infant and spares you the need to search for a changing pad on its own.

Tools for organizing within an organization:

Use mesh pouches to organize your belongings for quick and easy access. Label each pouch or compartment for more efficient organization and easy access to items.

Develop kits:

Create sets for various events or requirements. For example, a summer set containing sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses or a dining set with baby utensils, bibs, and a splash mat. 

These packages help you save time and guarantee that you have all the necessary items for your trips.

Use sample size products:

Utilize small-sized products like diaper cream and wipes to save space in your diaper bag. These compact sizes not only free up space but also allow you to carry various essentials without increasing the bulk of your bag.

Keep items in the car:

Think about keeping certain items, such as spare clothes or blankets, in your vehicle to free up space in your diaper bag. Keeping backup supplies in your car will ensure that you’re always ready for any unexpected situation. All that without having to carry too much in your bag!

How to Pack Your Diaper Bag

To pack your diaper bag, just follow these four easy steps.

Empty and organize:

Begin by removing all items from your bag and organizing them. Get rid of unnecessary items and rearrange your bag to make room for important things.


Use the fact that your bag is empty to quickly clean it. Clean both the inside and outside of your bag using a damp cloth and gentle soap to eliminate any dirt or particles (refer to your bag’s specific cleaning instructions).

Organize belongings by zones:

Arrange your belongings by zones and pack them in the corresponding manner. Store similar items in compartments or mesh bags for easy access when needed.

Sequence of packing:

Make sure to pack important things like diapers, wipes, and extra clothes first. Continue with accessories for feeding and items for baby entertainment. Lastly, keep essential items for yourself such as hand sanitizer and snacks.


Sorting out your diaper bag doesn't need to be overwhelming. So to answer the question, How to organize a diaper bag, the simple answer is: By using the correct strategy and implementing some useful tips, you can organize your messy diaper bag for all your baby's essentials.

The Monaco Diaper Bag from Luli Bebé is the ideal partner for parents, providing functionality and style. With nine well-organized pockets, a connected changing pad and plenty of room for storage, it’s easy to keep your diaper bag organized. 

If you’re a minimalist packer, you can also check out the compact version, known as Petit Monaco Bag! Smaller in size, this one offers generous benefits for moms that are always on the go but prefer to pack light.

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